Auction Copywriting

The Auction Copywriter – A Portrait Of A Successful Online Auction

Thanks to the internet, online auctions have changed how people shop for over the past decade. Auction copywriters help add to the success of the online auction. Well-written item descriptions are the key to online auction success. Without great descriptions, an online auction is not likely to sell.

Online auctions are wildly popular with consumers because they can purchase items from anywhere in the world, determine their own price cap, and have items shipped directly to their front door. If that is not enough, they enjoy the sheer fun of winning a coveted item.

Online auctions are important to sellers as well. Online auctions give the seller a unique world-wide platform. They are no longer to selling only to consumers who walk through their doors; they can now sell to a person in the far reaches of the world. In fact, many sellers have given up on brick and mortar storefronts to sell exclusively online from the comfort and convenience of their own home office, saving them thousands of dollars a year on rent.

Auction Copywriting

A successful online auction should start with engaging and interesting item description, known in the writing industry as copy. If the seller has hired an auction copywriter, he will have good copy and greatly increases the chance of his item selling at auction.

You can look at any auction website right now and google any item you want. For our example, let’s use for any particular guitar. You will see multiple listings for this guitar; some listings will have no bids while others have a bidding war.

Have you ever wondered why this happens?

The answer is simple. The guitar with no bids probably has insufficient content to the description, a boring description, and may not be descriptive enough. It probably does not include a “call to action” phrase enticing the shopper to purchase the guitar. The copy has not engaged the shopper and kept him interested enough to place a bid on the guitar.

Auction Copywriting

Look at the guitar listing with many bids. The auction copywriter has probably written very different copy for the same guitar, producing great results. The copy grabs the attention of the shopper. Perhaps it entertains the shopper with a witty story about a guitar playing embarrassing moment or informs the shopper with an interesting tidbit of history about this model of guitar. It describes the guitar thoroughly and in a manner that makes the buyer salivate.

In fact, the copy in this second guitar’s description was probably written by an auction copywriter. By the time the shopper finishes reading the copy for this guitar, he can no longer wait. He’s willing to pay top dollar and wants to win this auction. At the end of the description, the auction copywriter has inserted a “call to action” phrase which reinforces the buyers need to have the guitar. The buyer knows he must click the Buy Now button and begins to enter the bidding contest.

A large part of whether your auction is a success or a flop is the copy. For a professional online seller, hiring an auction copywriter is an investment which is well worthwhile. Auction copywriting is something I really enjoy, so leave it to me. Let me help you – contact me today :)