Autoresponder Copywriting for better results …

An Experienced Autoresponder Copywriter Will Boost Your Email Marketing Efforts

If your email marketing campaigns are not eliciting the desired response, perhaps an email and autoresponder copywriter can get your email marketing campaign back on track.

Autoresponder Copywriting done right …

An email autoresponder campaign is an integral part of your email marketing campaign. Here’s how it works: You place an advertisement and ask for prospective customers to email for more information about your service or product. The prospect emails you for information or signs up to receive information through your website or other web based application.

The autoresponder is simply a program that takes each of these requests to sign up for your mailing list and automatically responds to the request immediately, using a message entered into the program.

This autoresponder is a marketing message and is your chance to tell the prospect about your product. It is the virtual world’s equivalent of a customer calling you on the phone to inquire about service. You want to give that telephone prospect your immediate attention, make a great impression, and earn his business.

Autoresponder Copywriting can be tough …

The same thing goes for your autoresponder, with one difference – it’s harder to sell by email than by telephone, as it’s harder to make a personal and appealing sales pitch. That’s where your autoresponder copywriter comes in to help you; he can craft a description of your business or product that makes your autoresponse compelling and alluring without becoming a hard sell.

The autoresponder writer will craft an autoresponder message that will contain several essential components. Autoresponder copywriting is best left to professional writers :)

Before the autoresponder copywriter writes even one word, he will research your target market so that he can write an autoresponder email directed to the right audience. If you reach the wrong audience, your email will be ineffective.

Your autoresponder copywriter will next carefully word an attention grabbing Subject Line for your email. The subject line must be strong enough to entice the reader to open the email instead of hitting the delete key.

After the email is opened, the reader will read a brief but engaging opening sentence that tells the reader who, what, where, when and why about your company. It needs to be informative yet brief enough for the reader to quickly digest so that he continues to read. It may also remind the reader that they are receiving the email in response to a request to be added to the list, so that the email is not reported as spam. An experienced autoresponder copywriter will tell you that this is also a critical step to the process.

The body of the autoresponder message should contain the details of your information. It should be informative but not too lengthy. The autoresponder copywriter will probably write in brief paragraphs with a lot of space to keep this easy to read.

The email will close with several key components: a call to action to purchase or learn more; a promise as to when you will send a follow up email; and a mandatory unsubscribe link. Your autoresponder copywriter can guide you with all of this and more!

With the help of an experienced autoresponder copywriter, you will have a successful autoresponder campaign. Contact me for help. Autoresponder Copywriting is something I really enjoy and I look forward to helping you.