Over the last couple of years, social media has become an integral part of a company’s online presence. So ingrained is social media now that its effects are not limited to simply your website, but your company as a whole – because the access to information and opinions can literally transform a business in hours. Usually that means something negative or disastrous, because in typical fashion of human nature, bad news tends to spread faster than anything else, and social media is the superhighway to do it.

So how does this relate to your business activities online and how can a copywriter help improve credibility, respect and public relations in terms of social media?

Since social media provides an extremely efficient way to disseminate information, one of the best strategies for businesses online is to simply embrace and engage. That sounds pretty easy to do, but trust me I’ve been dealing with a lot of businesses and this is one of the toughest hurdles for them to overcome. The problem is for them is that their traditional way of communicating, or selling to the public was completely controlled by them and the money they spent on marketing. It’s actually been this way since the industrial age. So you can give business owners little slack in having a hard time coming around to social media strategies.

So what is it in the social media world that those types of participants appreciate and respect? Well basically, they crave engagement. Without social media engagement, there is only one conclusion for you and your business in the view of social media participants. You are wrong. In other words, without social media interactivity translates into you hiding something, or even worse denying something.

You don’t ever want to be on the bad end of a mad mob of social media junkies hunting you down. So the best way to counteract this and build credibility for your company is to have professional content produced regularly and shared and posted on social media. If done well, in particular by a professional copywriter, then it’s almost like building this social shield for your business because you’re not only building credibility and respect, you’re also creating relationships. Those relationships can translate into social media followers who can support your product on a regular basis, and also stand up for you in time of crisis. Some of them may even turn into product evangelists, that you never even have to pay. That’s where a copywriter can really earn his due.

In terms of using your copywriter to control what happens in social media, you basically have to engage and stay ahead of the game.