A lot of website owners create their own content for the webpages during the time when their website is being designed. It usually goes something like this, the designer will call the business owner and say, “hi Mr. Smallbusinessowner, we had a website ready to go except that were still waiting for that content but you promised us a couple weeks ago. If you send it to us, we get your website up today”.

It’s at this point here that Mr. Smallbusinessowner tells one of his employees to write up a few pages of content and send them over right away. Bad move.

How can a good copywriter help a website owner?

Well firstly, website content should never be created on the fly as in the above scenario. Truth of the matter is a lot of website content gets put up in just this very fashion – haphazardly. You see, words on a webpage are not only important from a copywriting standpoint in terms of them being able to guide readers into some sort of call to action, but also for search engine rankings and how Google will value the content on a webpage.

Both of these aspects are critically important to the success of your website, but they are also the 2 biggest and most common mistakes that are made on the Internet. What a lot of people don’t realize about their website is that each page within should be considered a sales page. Essentially you want your reader to do something when they’re on your website. That something should have some sort of conversion value for your company. This could range from an online purchase, a visit to your physical storefront, or perhaps just even signing up for newsletter. Those are all part of the sales process and if you’re going to have a website at all, then you have to start thinking about it being another sales tool, just like a brochure, a newspaper advertisement, or a real working live salesperson.

A copywriter can help your website by organizing structure, defining call to action action goals, and make proper use of common emotional triggers that inspire your viewers to do what you want them to do. Since your website is going to be a permanent asset on line, it’s common sense to get a professional copywriter to do the job right.