A lot of copywriters these days are moving to digital media because as an advertising medium it is the one that is growing the fastest when compared to traditional media such as newspaper, radio and television. However as a small business you still are concerned with converting sales in the real world or “offline” market.

Basically all of your printed material should be reviewed by a copywriter or written completely by someone in the profession. Especially if that printed material is going to be used for any length of time. You have to consider things like brochures, menus, and product manuals for example as long-term assets that will be working for you in many ways.

Now that’s not to say that all of your copywriting is going to be done for offline content. Even offline businesses – especially small businesses have websites, and are actively pursuing new business via the internet. One of the best ways to get new business online for your physical store is to create an e-mail list that provides valuable tips or information concerning your customers’ current needs and interests. Imagine having an e-mail list that you can send out a broadcast e-mail to, and immediately get new sales for your off-line business.

Well guess what? Even a simple e-mail is a form of copywriting and requires a professional pen.

Copywriting may have a somewhat negative connotation associated with it because some people view it as a game of trickery. However as a professional copywriter the act of creating copy requires the utmost respect for the intelligence of that particular target market. With that in mind, the skill of copywriting is not only an artistic challenge but often something that works on its readers (or website viewers) so illicitly, that they may very well not even realize they’re being “sold”. Your website content and email marketing program should be that good whether you are selling hot tub rentals or trying to fill seats in your restaurant. Thus, a good copywriter can absolutely help an offline business create an entire marketing program.