Landing Page Copywriter

What Is Landing Page Copywriting And Why Should Business Owners Hire A Landing Page Copywriter?

The first page that anyone sees on a website is the landing page. This needs to be persuasive and promotional. Landing page copywriting encompasses all of the text that goes onto the landing page that hooks a site visitor. When a business is spending thousands of dollars on SEO and online marketing, they need to establish a strong landing page in order to succeed.

Business owners need to hire a landing page copywriter as opposed to writing it themselves because a copywriter will be able to come up with bold and catchy titles and ensure that the text is right for the particular industry. Most landing pages are not as strong as they should be because a business owner tried to save a few dollars to do it on their own.

Is it time you hired a landing page copywriter?

A good landing page is going to be free of spelling, syntax and punctuation errors. There is nothing worse than getting an email or clicking on a banner only to visit a website and be disappointed by grammatical mistakes. It’s not professional and no business owner should stand for it.

In addition, a landing page copywriter will be able to recommend various response devices. This includes forms and such to collect a person’s contact information. Having this information on a landing page will keep a site visitor there longer and provide the business with contact details that can be very useful later on.

A complete concept strategy will be devised when a copywriter is hired. Based upon a particular product or service, they will take a look at all angles and determine which the most appropriate method to attract attention is. This could be with testimonials, facts, scare tactics or great promotions. These are very important for a business to succeed and many business owners don’t do the necessary research before writing out the text for their landing page.

A landing page copywriter can help you …

A successful landing page is more than just words. No one wants to hear the boring details of a business. The average person going onto a site wants a quick look at why they should stay on the website. In fact, most people will only stay on a website for about 5 seconds before they determine that they want to stay or leave the site.

Ultimately, a business gets what they pay for with a landing page copywriter. If a business wants to promote their website and get the best possible results from those who go onto the page, then they will hire an experienced copywriter who will grab the attention of potential customers and do the necessary research. If a business doesn’t hire a copywriter, it will typically look like it was created by an amateur, which isn’t going to improve business.