Seo Copywriter For Hire …

You’ve decided that it’s time to take your business to the next level, and get a website to market to people around the globe. Congratulations! When you hire your web development team, don’t forget to hire a SEO copywriter to add to your team.

Hiring a great SEO copywriter is as important as hiring a great web designer. Many business owners are not aware there’s a difference.

A web designer is the professional who lays out the overall design of your website; manipulates the data you want on your website; inserts text, sound, video and, photos; makes it interactive and fun to use; makes the website user friendly; and submits the website to the search engines. The web designer may, or may not be, experienced in SEO writing.

Seo Copywriter

The SEO copywriter is the professional who writes interesting, engaging, and fresh content (copy) for your website. He will research the keywords that end users of your website are looking for when searching for your type of business. Once he knows the strongest keywords, he will work them into the copy of your website at a recommended frequency.

Sound easy? It’s not. The SEO copywriter ensures that the keywords are used in a naturally flowing, organic way. Otherwise, someone reading the content of your website will be reading in a voice that sounds unnatural, stilted, or perhaps foreign to them.

A good SEO copywriter is essential because proper keyword intensity is important to your placement in the search results when users look for businesses like yours.

Seo Copywriter

Let’s give you SEO in a nutshell.

When a person browses to his favorite search engine and browses for your kind of business, he is most likely not to read all 1000+ listings that he finds. Most users only look at the first two pages of the search results, and almost all select a website from the first five results on the first page.

Making your website appear as highly ranked as possible is knows as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The search engines have specific algorithms that determine your ranking, but in general they look at the following: length of time your website has been on the internet; valid backlinks to your site from other sites (ie: social networking and online directory sites); and keyword intensity.

You can’t do much about your length of time on the internet, everyone starts at square one!

Your webmaster can help you establish backlinks, but it is a slow process.

The one item you can control here, from the get-go is the keyword intensity of your website. Keyword intensity is the easiest and most long-lasting way to ensure that your website ranks above your competitor’s website.

The best way to get the keyword intensity you need to elevate your website in the search engines is hiring a great SEO copywriter to help get you there. Good luck with your new website!