Visual copywriting – huh?

Visual Copywriting Explained …

Visual copywriting represents the “visual art of persuasion”. Visual copywriters sell products and services with carefully chosen words, images, video, typography & layouts that increase conversion rates.
These modern visual aspects boost response, reduce confusion and increase sales.

Experts argue that traditional copywriting is now limited – with a tendency to focus on the power of “words” only. Carefully written sales copy continues to persuade readers – gently pushing them towards a buying decision.

However, in modern times – words are simply not enough. Readers demonstrate shorter and shorter attention spans and bounce rates continue to increase. Educated users understand the power of the browser “back” button, and if your headline doesn’t immediately engage readers – then they will bounce.

Visual Copywriting improves your bounce rate …

The Internet has become a visual location for hundreds of millions of people, and aspects of traditional copywriting can now be enhanced with video and images.

visual copywritingEffective copywriting is easily understood – but difficult to execute. Words can become easier, and in some cases, more difficult to understand with the addition of images and video. However, studies suggest results can be multiplied with visual cues such as graphical headlines, red arrows, and attractive imagery.

Visual Copywriting matters …

To get the most out of your printed material, and online presence – you must connect with the reader through compelling titles. You must communicate what it is you’re trying to say, in a way that draws readers into your offer.

Benefit laden headlines, enhanced with a proven design, lead to better conversions. Your website or printed material must educate, entertain and engage readers in such a way, that they move towards your call to action.

A typical call to action might be – “Phone this number”, “Buy now before it’s too late”, or “Come in this Saturday for our spring sale.” These calls to action represent the end-result of well thought out persuasion tactics. Improving conversion rates continues to represent the ultimate visual copywriting test.

Images and videos, layouts that enhance your offer, and social media visual cues can improve results. If your written material is underperforming, then it might be time to hire a visual copywriter. Visit to get started!