Visual Elements Enhance Written Sales Copy

Creating effective sales copy is a task worthy of significant consideration. However, one aspect of the process often overlooked is the effect that visual elements can add to a sales page.

One of the most obvious ways to supplement sales copy is through the use of images. These are easy to come by, as there are more than enough websites offering stock images which can greatly enhance the appeal of your copy. Images can serve to create visual boundaries within the text itself, as well as draw attention to particularly important segments. The use of images may even make the sales copy more persuasive. For example, if part of your copy includes customer testimonials, including stock headshots next to the quotes can create a very professional look and contribute to the legitimacy of the customer feedback.

Visual Elements increase conversion rate …

Similar to images, inclusions such as arrows, bullet points, and social media buttons can have notable effects on conversion rates. Arrows are highly effective at drawing attention to certain aspects of the copy, and bullet points serve to make the text more readable, as they break up the copy in to short, easy-to-read sentences. In addition, it goes without saying that social media buttons can work wonders on conversion rates. Just one visitor sharing your copy on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can result in dozens of new potential customers.

Other than images, fonts and text effects are a very common way in which marketers attempt to create a unique look within sales copy. Headlines are of tremendous importance, as they are usually larger than the body text and are typically the first thing that draws a reader’s eye. Utilizing vivid colors and bold fonts in headlines can make them even more attention-grabbing. Within the body itself, font selection is crucial. The copy should be easy to read and the visual elements pleasing to the eye. Many people underestimate the effect which font readability can have on a sales page. In short, the font should be unique but uncomplicated. If you have a hard time reading the font, chances are your customers will, too.

Visual elements and layout …

Web layouts are another often overlooked aspect of design. Imagine visiting a web page which has text spanning the entire width of the page. This type of layout can make the passage appear longer than it is and may deter some visitors from taking the time to read it. By utilizing adequate white space, the layout is not only more elegant and professional, the body text is more inviting, as well.

Aside from these “static” design implements, embedded videos are a powerful way to breathe life into your sales copy. Many people are more receptive to video content, as it is often easier to follow, more persuasive, and full of non-verbal communication. What’s more, using videos allows you to provide tangible examples and demonstrations of your product. These types of inclusions have significant impacts on site visitors. Remember, though, that video pitches are no different from sales copy; the require expertly constructed language in order to convert more leads in to customers. Many copywriters are highly qualified for creating this type of sales language.

Clearly, each of these visual elements combined can create a more professional and effective sales page. For many business owners, though, implementing these effects can be confusing and time consuming. That being the case, many choose to consult “Visual Copywriters,” professionals who are experts at assimilating each of these tactics into a single, cohesive sales page–one that will send your conversions through the roof.

Visual elements like those mentioned above can dramatically improve your conversion rates, and overall credibility. Contact me to learn more …