When you are writing for the web, there are 2 critical and equally important objectives to keep in mind. One is writing content that the search engines will be able to index and rank for competitive keywords. The other is to use words that will inspire your customers to either buy something from you, or do what you want them to do.

The question is, do these 2 marketing objectives conflict with each other, and what exactly is the difference between SEO copyrighting and copywriting in general?

Let’s take a look at writing content to be ranked well, which is commonly referred to as SEO – or search engine optimization. If you have a website that sells designer dog collars, then you will want to rank for terms such as dog collars, buy dog collars, new dog collars, etc. But not only will you need those types of terms on your sales page and or website, but you also need some LSI keywords as well. Meaning latent semantic indexing – which are words closely related to your main keyword. Dogs, puppies, dog care, dog walking, exercise your dog, are some examples off the top of my head. If these types of words are in place and your content basically makes sense, well then that’s half the battle for on-page search engine optimization. As such, Google knows what your page is about and understands where to rank your page in terms of competition.

The other aspect of this is that you are actually selling dog collars. So you need a copywriter’s contribution to the content on your sales page and perhaps your entire website. Good web copy should answer some basic questions that the reader may have in mind such as, “What is the current problem?” or “How can I solve this problem?” In answering these the writer will have to address the readers need to have their dog looking good while going for walks. Obviously, the reader loves their dog and wants to show them off. This needs to be reflected in the website content while still using traditional copywriting language including buying terms, such as buy now, get it now, on sale, etc.

While these different aspects of copywriting might not exactly conflict, I think if you start with a good copywriting script and then go back and revise some of the dog related phrases to reflect good SEO content, then there should be no problem in having a great sales offer and ranking high in search engine same time.